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Yongpyong Ski Resort / Yongpyong Resort

Yongpyong Ski Resort     www.yongpyong.co.kr
130 Yongsan-ri, Doam-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

Yongpyong Resort has an impressive twenty-eight ski slopes, including the popular Rainbow Slopes, and offers excellent facilities for skiers. The park’s fifteen ski-lifts include a 3.7km cable-car and the resort's ‘Dragon Plaza’ is the largest ski complex in Asia, offering a variety of services for skiers and boarders.
Yongpyong Resort, located on the ridge of Mt.Balwangsan, is the first domestic ski resort opening in 1975. Sees an average of 250 centimeters of snowfall per season, which makes for excellent skiing conditions. Not only that, but the resort’s enormous seventeen million square meters complex includes a 45-hole golf course, gondolas, swimming pool, and other facilities. This all-season recreational complex allows visitors to escape from daily life and relax.
The Yongpyong Resort has even had the honor of hosting a number of international competitions, including the World Cup Ski Competition and the Asian Winter Games. It is consequently one of the most popular ski resorts in Korea, and is frequented by many tourists.

Accommodation options include condominiums, a hotel, and a youth hostel.
With average 250cm of snow each year you can enjoy skiing from November until April of the following year. Compared to other ski resorts, ski season is considerably longer. It is 215km from Seoul, and with the construction of a 4-lane highway, the travel time has been shortened to 2 hours. When ski season finishes, you can enjoy golf from April to November as well.  
The Yongpyong Resort is a 2-hour car drive away from Seoul, but the resort runs shuttle buses from Seoul during the peak season. Visitors traveling from the Daegu and Yeongnam regions can take the Jungang and Jungbu Inland Expressways, and arrive at Yongpyong Resort within three hours.
For accommodation there are hotels, condos, youth hostels which add up to 1,087 rooms available in total. There are many tourist sites such as the Mt.Odaesan National Park and the Daegwangryeong Ranch. During ski season, shuttle buses and the direct buses operate from metropolitan areas around Korea.

This is where the 1998 World Cup Ski Competition and the 1999 Gangwon Winter Asian Games were held. The Rainbow Red*Silver*Gold slopes have been authorized by the International Ski Federation (ISF). Also there are slopes for beginners such as the Yellow Run and the Pink Run, and the new Red Run and Green Run for intermediates. There are 18 slopes and 15 lifts in total, with a 3.7km long gondola which can accommodate 8 people at once. There are other convenient indoor facilities such as the swimming pool and sauna, and within the complex there is a sledding hill, indoor golf course with a capacity of 6 holes, survival game park and the indoor mountain bike path. There are also the forest bath walk, archery, crocket, tennis courts and the campsites.


Available Facilities
* Facilities - Dragon Plaza, Dragon Peak, Fitness Center, Valley Center, YongPyong Dome

* Accommodations - Dragon Valley Hotel, Tower Condominium, Villa Condominium, YongPyong Condominium, YongPyong Hostel, Birch Hill Condominium, Greenpia Condominium

* Subsidary Facilities

1) Indoor Leisure - Swimming Pool, Health Club, Bowling Alley, Sports and Health Massage, Sauna

2) Outdoor Leisure - YongPyong Cable Car, ATVs, Alpine Slider, Survival Games, Bicycles


Operating Hours
Daytime 08:30~16:30 / DaytimeⅡ 10:00~16:30
Morning 08:30~12:30 / Afternoon 12:30~16:30
Evening 18:30~22:00 / Night 21:00~00:30
Twilight 23:00~02:30 / Daytime+Evening 08:30~22:00
Afternoon+Evening 12:30~22:00
Evening+Night 18:30~00:30
Night+Twilight 21:30~02:30


Subsidiary Facilities
Golf club, public golf range, putting, Alpine Sider, swimming pool, sauna, disco, bowling alley, play room, billiards, sledding hill, health club, racquet ball court, PC room, karaoke, archery, bicycles, tennis court, campfire site, survival game, in-line skating, skate scooter, in-service education institute, cafeteria, supermarket, stationery store, photo shop, sports shop, restaurant.



Seoul -> Yongpyong Resort

    1. Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2) to Hoenggye

     * Bus Schedule: 06:32-20:05, 40min intervals, Travel time: 2Hrs 30min

    2. Take free shuttle bus from Hoenggye Post Office (next to the terminal) to Yongpyong Resort

[ Free Shuttle Bus ]
     From Hwenggye Bus Terminal
     Walk 80m towards Daegwallyeong Post office.
     Take the free shuttle bus at the post office to Yongpyong Resort (14~15 times a day / 10-min ride)

    * Shuttle Bus schedule
     5:20am, 6:20am, 7:20am, 8:00am, 08:30am, 09:40am, 12:00am,
     2:00pm, 4:20pm, 5:40pm, 6:50pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm,11:30pm

     Taxi takes 10 min from the terminal.




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